Vacuum Not Switching On? Steps To Troubleshoot the Problem

We have to face it – whenever you are using any appliance there is a high chance of something going wrong. Vacuum sealers aren’t any different, they too experience issues when you use them. Sometimes all you have to do is switch off the sealer and it starts working perfectly. Other times you have to troubleshoot the problem for several minutes before finding a solution. Today we look at a common problem that you might come across – the sealer not starting on when you press the power button. Let us follow a step-by-step method that will definitely give you a solution.

Is the Sealer Receiving Power From the Outlet?

Vacuum sealers don’t run without power. Many times, you get frustrated with an appliance not switching on when in actual sense the culprit is the wall outlet. This is a very common phenomenon especially if you are running several appliances on the same circuit. Usually, homes are fitted with a circuit breaker device that switches off power on some outlets.

So, if you plug in a sealer and it doesn’t work, you first need to test the outlet with another appliance. If the testing appliance also doesn’t work, then you are sure the outlet is not giving power. Check with other outlets in the house to find out whether it is only the single outlet not working. In this case, the problem isn’t with the circuit breaker but the outlet has malfunctioned.

Is The Cord Working Perfectly?

If the outlet is working perfectly, the next culprit in line is the power cord, which needs to be properly attached to the sealer. Using the bright light, check the cord for crimping and breakage. You never know, someone might have accidentally cut the cord or it might have been caught in something. This is a common problem whenever you store the cord for long, or if the whole family uses the sealer. You can get a replacement cord from Perfectly Sealed to replace the spoilt one.

Is the Battery Charged?

If you own a cordless vacuum sealer, it must be charged to work. Maybe you didn’t recharge the appliance the right way, or your charging dock has an issue. You can also check the power outlet that you have connected the charging dock.

Takeaway Tip

At times, the sealer might shut down to prevent overheating. Overheating is detrimental to the fragile parts that make up the appliance. When it suddenly shuts down during operation, unplug it and let it cool for several minutes before resuming the sealing process.