Types Of Bowling Ball Cover Stock

In older times, bowling balls were made using the same material as that of the ball. But nowadays time has changed so as the bowling balls. Now, the bowling balls are made using different materials and different techniques there are. These balls offer different performance and handling on the bowling lanes. Basically all the experimenting is done with the ball cover stocks. A cover stock of a ball is the outermost covering or the surface of the ball which we see in general. Now, in modern times the bowling balls are made by using many different materials. Some of the popular types of bowling balls are mentioned below:

Polyester cover stock: Polyester bowling balls are usually referred as plastic balls. These balls are the most common types of balls and can be easily found in the bowling arenas. These bowling balls are the cheapest when it comes to their production cost. These balls are made using plastic which is hard, smooth and durable which makes them the first choice among the bowlers. The low friction causes the ball to skid on the lane and helps in maintaining the trajectory.

Urethane covers stock: Urethane was the first change that had been introduced to the cover stock of a traditional bowling ball. The exterior surface of a urethane ball is more porous than the plastic ball which provides a better traction between the ball surface and the lane which results in wider arcing motion. Urethane balls are not very widely used as they create more friction.

Reactive Resin: Reactive resin balls are also widely used by many players. Resin particles are added to the urethane cover stocks which result in the increased ball potential. Resin covered ball adds more power to the striking of the ball for greater impact. These types of balls are ideal for aggressive playing.

Particle: For smooth reaction and better controllability, the manufactures have added ceramics and glass particles to the ball. This ball provides more grips on oily surface and maintains its speed for a better strike.