How to Prevent The Occurrence of a Flat Tire

One of the biggest annoying things when owning a bike is getting a flat tire when in the middle of nowhere. You might be forced to walk miles upon miles to get home because you don’t have the right tools to handle the flat tire.

In this post, we are going to look at some quick tips to help you prevent the occurrence of a flat tire. Follow the tips, and you will realize that you cut down on the occurrence of these flat tires.

Inflate the Tires to the Correct Level

You need to make sure you inflate the tires to the correct level before you leave home, whether to a long journey or the mall just around the corner. Riding your bicycle with tires that aren’t properly inflated increases the chances of getting a flat tire.

You can use a bicycle pump from Pumps for Bikes for this task, seeing that these pumps are easy to get. The bicycle pump that you choose should have a pressure gauge so that you don’t underinflate or overinflate the tire.

Store in a Cool Place

Many of us leave the bicycle out on the pavement knowing that it can withstand the sunlight – wrong. Exposure to the sunlight for extended periods makes the air within the tires to expand. When you take the bike to a cool place after this, the air contracts and the pressure in the tube decreases. Make sure when you park the bike you do so in an area where the wheels aren’t exposed to the direct sunlight.

Proper Tire Care is Crucial

To prevent more flats, stay alert and take good care of the tires. Avoid pathways that can cause damage to the tires, such as pathways that have pointed nails or glass bottles. Avoid damaged roads or roads that are under construction because grail and stones can damage the tires quickly.

It is also advisable that you inspect the tires every time after a journey and make any necessary adjustments before you embark on the next journey. If the tire or tube has served you for a long period, make it a point to replace it before the next ride. A tire that is rotten or worn out is prone to flats, so the best thing you can do is to replace it.

Replace the tires and tubes with puncture resistant models that are available on the market.