A Pet Gate Represents More Than Just a Barrier

Your pets are, well, members of the family. They keep you company and provide quality playtime for your kids. These pets miss you whenever you leave home, but it might not be a guarantee that you might get their happy face whenever you return home. Just like any member of the family, your role is to keep them safe. Your home might seem safe for adults, but dangers lurk in all corners for the small furry friends.


Cabinet openings might seem small and secure, but your cat or dog might try to find their ways into the small spaces while you are away at work. Most of the spaces in the cabinets are full or medicine or sharp items that are dangerous to the pet. You need to keep the pet away from these.

Toilet Bowl

This is an example of a simple yet dangerous place for a pet. A pet won’t differentiate between the water in the bowl and the one in its feeding pan. When given access, the pet might drink from the toilet bowl and woe unto you if you use harsh chemicals to clean the bowl, you might end up poisoning your pet.

How Can You Use a Pet Gate in Such Scenarios?

Well, you can’t pet proof your entire home or apartment. The proper use of the child gate is to create a safe area for your pet to stay while you are away from home. You can choose a room and install the gate so that the pet stays within the confined space.

Not All Gates are Equal

A visit to  baby products: www.babyandpetgates.com  exposes you to a world of options to choose from when it comes to baby and pet gates. The first thing to look at is the quality of the gate. Work with a reputable manufacturer who has made a name in the market especially when it comes to quality. A poor quality gate can just be a danger as not having any gate at all. Check out YouTube videos of poor pets getting stuck in gates or getting injured while using the gate.

The Ultimate Choice

Pick a gate that uses a solid construction with no spaces between the bars. The gate latch shouldn’t have less than a two-step operation to make it hard to open. The gate, though meant to secure the entrance, should be able to swing open both ways for adults to pass. Try to find a gate that doesn’t have parts that are easy to chew through or break.