Learning Electronic Drums – Guide For Beginners

With hundreds of drum brands and configurations, it can be a difficult task to understand fully what you need for you to grow into a professional drummer. Electronic drum kits are the best way to start from as you will be able to schedule your practices any time and enjoy preset patterns as well as metronomes to help you play alongside a beat.

As you start your lessons, you must understand that it may require you put in a lot of effort to become the excellent drummer that you want to be, even if you have a natural talent. It will involve learning the basics, then spending several sessions practicing.


Whether or not to join a class and learn all things electronic drums is a personal choice. Some people have advanced their skills to professional level without taking even a single drumming lesson. Others have spent several hours a day in class to become the best in the craft. There are several places where you can get some lessons and learn on your own. These include online tutorials, books, CDs and software tools. Nonetheless you will need someone who can guide you through, answer your questions and help you to focus on good techniques over the bad ones. The good thing with electronic drums is that they will help you avoid unnecessary strikes, simplifying you playing experience.


If you have played an acoustic drum before, you will need to adjust to the high level of rebound that electronic drum kits provide. Acoustic drums do not produce enough of this because they are built from natural materials. Electronic drum kits use mesh or rubber pads that will often kick back at you, hence you must be prepared to experience this rebound effect by setting your mind that you will need more power for each and every strike.


Electronic drum kits are highly customizable and setting them up before you get started is important for your confidence and comfort. The default set up of may not deliver the kind of experience you want and you may also want to avoid doing things just because other people are doing them. Try out different drum types, location of the pads and the pedals to get your ideal configuration. Drum Kit Digital recommends some of the best start up drum kits and pads that you can easily configure at home.


The size of your kit also matters for every beginner drummer. If the kit is too big for you, it will not be easy to reach the pedals and your posture may be affected. You may get a full sized, junior sized or mini drum kit depending on your height.

Once you observe these tips, you will be set to embark on a great learning journey.