Laser engraving is a growing industry

The ability to personalize items, or to protect property by providing protection against counterfeit products or replicas among others is resulting in the growth of laser engraving for industrial use. Many businesses look to add a logo or specific branding and laser engraving provides a way to leave permanent marks on an item in the industrial sector, providing security against counterfeit products or replicas.

In the industrial market there is a big demand for laser engraving in the identification security area where laser engraving is ideal for items such as credit cards, ID cards, and other things that require increased safety features.

Laser engravers have a variety of uses

Laser engraving also has other uses to industrial businesses. Laser engraving can provide serial number engraving, barcode etching, data matrix code markings, branding, and industry-specific codes. Laser engraving provides a very high-quality mark that can be read by barcode scanners and other scanners and tools.

Due to these reasons laser engraving has become an important tool in part identification, catalog control and tracking, safety and warning notification, as well as loss prevention.

Whether an additional layer of security is needed to prevent fraud or replica of property, or an industry just needs to accelerate the time it takes to etch bar codes or other identification tags onto specific parts, laser machines can be an effective time effective method.

Laser applications are currently in demand

In consumer electronics and industrial sectors where there is a growing use and demand for laser cutting applications such as CO2, fiber and YAG. The consumer electronics sector is expected to grow the fastest due to demands that require engraving and cutting.  However, in the manufacturing side laser usage is increasing for security things such as quality control and product tracking and identification.


By using a laser machine when providing seral numbers and bar codes or logos the laser can leave a high-quality permanent mark.

2 Key factors to consider include:

  • Size
  • Power


There are certain factors manufacturers should consider when selecting a machine. Firstly it is important to identify the materials you will be working with in order to determine the type of laser system you need. Then it is important to realize the maximum size of material you will be working with as it has to be able to fit in the machine. There are also other space limitations that depend on the size of your factory or warehouse.


When deciding on the power needed from the machine, wattage power needs huge consideration. This is based on the thickness of the material you will be working with.

Obviously, a thicker material will result in more power needed to cut through and engrave it.

These are all important things that need considered in order to cut down and limit the choices when selecting your laser machine.