How to Improve Plasma Cutting Efficiency

While plasma cutting might look simple to the expert, it might be a challenge to the first-timer who does not understand what it entails. Even if you have used the technology before, you need to understand that there is more to plasma cutting than meets the eye. After you have learnt the basics, you still have a lot to learn, especially if you wish to improve the cut, increase the efficiency and make your equipment last longer.

Here are a few tips to improve efficiency, and make you get more out of this amazing tool.

Set Up the Work Area

You need to come up with a workstation that is dedicated to plasma cutting. The first item you need is a worktable, which can be made of metal or wood. The worktable should be at a level that is high enough to allow you to use the plasma cutter from Cuts Like Butter comfortably, and wide enough to fit your tasks.

Use a Template

The majority of projects that you handle will need you to use a template. When creating the template, make sure you know the radius of your cutting tip so that it fits the worktable.

Take into consideration the thickness of the template and the capability of your plasma cutter. You can also use a guide to make sure you maintain consistency with the cuts. Circular guides are perfect when cutting circles.

Use the Cutting Tip Correctly

Make sure you know how to use the cutting tip. If you are handling a plasma cutter at less than 40 amps, it is ok to place the tip right on the surface of the material. However, if it is more than 40 amps, then you need to use a suitable drag shield.

Stay Steady as You Work

Before you can start any cutting project, it is ideal to brace yourself. Make sure you maintain a stable stand, which in turn dictates the results you get.  You have two options – to pull the torch towards your body or away from it – choose the best approach that gives you consistent results and use it.

Utilise a Practice Cut

The best way to know if you are applying the correct amperage is to make a trial cut first. This allows you to make the correct settings that will give you the perfect cut each time.

Final Thoughts

It is a good idea to follow a few principles when using the plasma cutter. These make it easy to get the efficiency you need.