How to Handle Stubborn Screws

As hardware becomes old and the rust sets in, the components that get the brunt of the rust are the screws. Screws are victims of rust, which in turn makes them, get stuck in the material that they were originally placed in. If you are planning to repair or restore the old hardware, you have to get the part off before you can start the restoration process. But with the screws between you and the job ahead, you need to get them out first.

Today we look at the different ways to remove those stubborn screws that look as if they don’t want to get out at all.

Remove Paint

Old paint works like glue that holds the screws together. Using a chisel or a sharp instrument, scrape off the paint away from the screw head. You need to remove the paint at two critical places – the place where the screw head meets the hardware and the slot that holds the screwdriver tip.

Once these areas have been cleaned of the paint, try to remove the screw again normally and see if it responds to your efforts.

Add Some Lubricant

Douse the screws with a spray lubricant. And don’t us just any lubricant, make use of the kind that is meant to break up the rust and get the screw to move again. After adding the lubricant, let the screw sit for a while before you attempt to remove it.

Bring Out the Hammer

If the screw is still stubborn, it is time to bring out some force. Using a hammer, hit the screwdriver as you try to turn it. This is the concept that an impact drill works on to remove screws. The impact will know the screw loose while you turn it. Often, this method always works and can get any screw out.

Have the Right Screwdriver Size

When handling stubborn screws, it is ideal that you have the right screwdriver from Drill Bit Best for the task. It must be the right size so that it fits snugly into the screw’s slot. Every homeowner needs to have a set of screwdriver set that has all kinds of this tool in different sizes.

Final Trial: Drill It Out

If the screw still doesn’t respond to your efforts, it is now time to drill it out. Get a drill bit and the right screw tip, have the right setting and drill the screw out.