How to Buy and Sell LEGOs

Do you own an eBay store and you have some extra space to hold a few items? You should try and sell LEGOs! These represent a collectible item that sells well on eBay and other online store. Another thing about selling these items is that they are very easy to find.  Let us look at the various tips of reselling the logos on eBay.

Where Can You Find LEGOs for Sale?

You can get LEGOs for sale from a wide range of sources, but make sure each meets the guidelines. These include your closet, thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist and other sites. When buying LEGOs to sell it is advisable that you buy them in bulk so that you can get the best prices. Make sure you include the cost of shipping when coming up with a budget.

Stay away from larger lots at first; instead, start with smaller lots so that you practice on what sells and what doesn’t sell. Be cautious when buying the LEGO because you might end up getting the ones that are not 100 percent genuine. Look closely at the pictures so that you are sure they are good quality.

Be on the lookout for the more popular items that will sell fast. Go online and find out what kinds are in demand.

Methods of Selling LEGOs

When you decide to start buying and selling LEGOs, you need to avoid dealing with similar items otherwise you will get stuck with a collection that you won’t use. Don’t buy mega blocks, or go for building blocks of the same type. The best types to sell would be the 1lb lots that sell for between $5 and $10 per pound. You can also sell the little LEGO men or sell the specialty pieces. Specialty pieces, in this case, include flowers, large base pieces or guns.

Avenues for Selling LEGOS on eBay

You can sell LEGOs in different ways. You can place them in the store for buyers to bid or you can sell them through an auction. The recommended way is to have 90 percent of the pieces for bidding and the remaining 10 percent in auctions. For auctions, sell the LEGO men or the 1-pound pieces.

Final Words

You can make money out of selling LEGOs on eBay and other marketing platforms. However, make sure you streamline the process of acquiring and selling the pieces so that you don’t make a loss or you don’t end up with LEGO pieces that don’t sell.