A Guide on Getting the Best Lipstick as Per Your Skin Tone

Most of the girls will have a number of lipsticks in their bag. A few of them are regularly used while some are never even touch.  There is a general reason for that. You like the lipstick at the store but when you try it on you, it doesn’t look good, so you just put it aside.

The lipstick colour sometimes doesn’t match your skin tone. Therefore, it’s imperative to be aware of few tricks to get the right lipstick colour to go with your skin tone. You can try some of the best shades available at LovelyLips.

Steps To Get Best Lipstick

  • Identification of Your Skin tone

The skin tone of each person is different. It varies from pink to yellow. Pink is cooler while yellow is warmer. You need to know first know your undertone, which is quite helpful in case you are trying to understand the best lipstick shade for you.

It’s imperative to identify the skin tone by looking at the veins of your wrist. In case your veins are blue and you also like wearing whites, greys and blues, your undertone is pink.

In case it appears to be more of green, your skin tone is warmer yellow. In case it’s both green and yellow, you have neutral skin tone i.e. equal yellow and pink tone. In such a case you can go for any colour of your choice.

If you are still not sure of the skin tone you have, you can try this simple trick. Hold a gold and silver jewellery piece against your face. Avoiding the personal preference you have, you should assess if the gold or silver goes great with your skin. In case its silver jewellery, your skin tone is pink while if gold goes with it, your skin tone is warm yellow.

  • Know About The Shades That Go Well With Your Skin tone

You need to choose lipstick shades as per your skin tone. If your skin tone is yellow, you should go for warmer colours while in case of pink undertone, switch to shades with purple or blue shade lipsticks. You should refrain from buying lipsticks of overly feel, ashy or grey colours. Such lipsticks tend to make a person look unhealthy.


Hope this guide will assist you when you shop for lipsticks next time.