3 Benefits Of Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Promotion is one of the key strategies that you can use to get more customers to know and use your products. Unfortunately, traditional marketing can be expensive and time consuming which eats up the time you have to offer services to your customers. Traditional marketing is no longer effective in the digital world as it reduces your chances of reaching a wide customer base. Social media marketing is taking over, and businesses in all sectors are embracing it and reaping the benefits. Instagram is one of the major platforms, and this is why you should use it.

Reach a wide customer base

Instagram is the 2nd most used social media platform after Facebook. You can imagine the number of people who are likely to see your products when you post them online. You should select relevant hashtags to make your post relevant to frequent searches. Make special mentions to your loyal customers when you are making new posts or introducing a new service or product. Respond to queries on time and make sure you make follow-ups to know if customers are satisfied.

Take advantage of automation tools

The whole process of crafting new posts, creating hashtags, sending them and engaging customers can be time-consuming. You may find that you do not have enough time to perform the core processes which are vital for sustenance. Luckily, you can perform all the above tasks through automation and use of bots. You can automate search of relevant hashtags and schedule the publishing of your posts if you have customers from a different time zone. Check The Small Business Blog for more info and understand why automation is crucial for your business irrespective of the stage of growth. You will only engage with customers on those areas that need human interaction.

Make use of the visuals

The modern-day customer is now moving towards visual texts and slowly abandoning written texts. Some of the most popular visuals are photos, infographics, and videos. You can create a video when you want to explain a certain process in your business. You can also utilize Instagram Live when you are introducing a new product or service to your client base. It is much easier for customers to decode messages from visuals than written texts.

It is quite evident that there are many benefits of Instagram marketing to a small business. Ensure that you create an official business account and do not mix posts from your private life.